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Author Topic: Statistik / Totals - want it back  (Read 2157 times)
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« on: March 25, 2014, 10:40:19 PM »


there are lots of tools they show the current amount of data delivery rate.
But I loved netmeter for it's detailed summary of total traffic, export options, and much more.
And also projection into future.

I knew only one concurrent program, which is shareware: DU Meter that offers as much information and options. But less anyway.

So I carefully want to ask (I assume that your work free time is less than in comparison to years ago), if you could try to implement the TOTALS again.

Yes, I can imagine that it summed all the traffic of all network cards and gave a not 100% realistic statistic (as you mentioned).
But my (Netgear) router has no such function to show all the traffic (or I did not find it so far) - and I have an internet FLAT for years now. But it is interesting to get information about the assumed traffic that effords by watching youtube, loading down LINUX ISO's and much more. And I found it only here.
(one can say: "W*F .. I loaded 29 GB of Linux DVDs this week. Huh!" ... I find it funny.

I also remember to the last telekomô Anti-Flat suggestion last year as many discussions started about who would load less than 70 GB a month ... there it was again - the traffic limit. ....
And don't forget still some are surfing with USB internet Sticks which are bound to traffic limits)

Could you paste in the TOTALS-Dialog as it was?

(minst until there is an idea for new?)

I was very sad when I saw that netmeter 1.1.4 beta does not run on my new Windows 64 bit anymore. It does not start when klicking on it. (or do I anything wong?)

I hope the best and want to thank here.
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