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January 24, 2019, 02:14:10 PM

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19 Aug 2013 - NetMeter Evo 2.0.0 released

It's back!

Hi all,

Since I was in the right mood for coding recently, I decided to work on NetMeter again.

The result however is not just an updated version of the familiar NetMeter but some kind of a new beginning. Some old features had to go and some new features were introduced - hence the new name: NetMeter Evo

I started from scratch using the improved IP Helper API available in Windows Vista and later Windows operating systems. Since I didn't want to maintain a fallback path for older OS I decided to drop compatibility with Windows XP and older OS. Microsoft will drop support for Windows XP in 2014 anyway so this shouldn't be a big deal.

Also gone for good is the traffic log and traffic limits. These features were implemented by user request back in the day. To be honest, they never really made sense to me since NetMeter just counts incoming and outgoing bytes from certain network interfaces which also includes LAN traffic. Your router will most likely do a better job at measuring actual internet traffic.

The key features of NetMeter Evo 2.0.0 are:

  • Customizable graph window which can react to mouse movement by fading in or out
  • Graph window can be made 'transparent' for mouse inputs so clicks get passed on to underlying control elements
  • Support for Logitech's G19 and G15 keyboard LCD displays. On the G19 display the graph is identical to the standard graph window. On the G15 a simplified graph is being displayed with upload on the top and download on the lower half of the screen.
  • Graph window can be minimized to system tray and to a Logitech LCD

Download link:
NetMeter Evo 2.0.0


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